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Where will a partnership with NZIM take you?

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Join the legion of leading New Zealand organisations who choose to invest, build and grow with NZIM.

With a proven reputation built from 75 years delivering market-leading Learning & Development, we are the people to talk to. We thrive on meeting the bespoke and ever-changing demands of developing your people.

Why partner with us?

  • Complimentary capability assessments for your people.
  • Complimentary SkillBOX workshops for rapid improvement of communication skills.
  • Complimentary HRNow app, unlimited access to essential HR tools and resources.
  • Immediately transferable skills for your people leaders through education.
  • Join a collective of organisations who understand the importance of culture, strategy and people leadership.

Let's Talk

The team at NZIM welcome the opportunity to support your strategic framework and vision. To discuss how we can help to assess needs, build capability and optimise your organisation's performance, drop us a line or give us a call.

The updated 2022 NZIM Leadership Directory and Calendar are confirmed and available online .

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Who do we work with?

Everyone. Our Subscription Partners are a diverse bunch, a plethora of organisations, from sectors and industries who are all committed to providing the best leadership development for their people and businesses.

We offer Corporate Subscription options to suit every business. For further information please reach out to Lea Hart:

Ready to join NZIM and accelerate your L & D in 2022?

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As a client facing business, we take the risks of COVID seriously, both as we welcome guests to Leadership House, but also as we meet with clients in their workplace.

We comply with recommended COVID hygiene standards, safe distance spacing and the wearing of a mask when required, whether in our workplace or yours.

We appreciate your ongoing support.


Latest Article

How are things at your workplace?

As the year is flying by, I feel the need to speed up in everything we do here at NZIM. Tasks and projects are getting bigger, and even if they aren’t it sure does feel like it. Maybe it is being a little short on staff that impacts us so significantly. We are a small but mighty team and when we are a person down, we really notice it.

How are things at your place of work? If you were talking of current challenges, where would you start? Listening to recent programme participants, procrastination was no longer the Achilles-heel it once was, workload just keeps growing and there no longer appears to be downtime in any of our working days.

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It is a privilege to be the trusted partner for leadership
capability development of organisations across the broadest New Zealand industry spectrum:

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