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Our depth of history allows us to be connected to some of the brightest business minds, many entrepreneurial leaders and extensive networks throughout the country. Membership with NZIML unleashes your ability to learn, grow and lead.

As a Professional Member you are welcome to apply for a Professional Grading - Accreditation in Leadership, adding rigour and recognition to your leadership capability. NZIML Professional Grading recognises your contribution to leadership and business outside of your technical ability.

The Professional Grading Committee will consider the following competency through a leadership framework:
- Communication
- Leading Change and Innovation
- Performance Management
- Financial Leadership
- Strategic Leadership

Our Corporate Subscribers can select five, ten or twenty days of SkillBOX programmes.

You can:

  • Allocate your subscribed number of training days between team members to best suit your business needs
  • Utilize all of your training days on any mix of programmes
  • Send your team on just one programme
  • Use the days at anytime throughout your 12 month subscription


Effective Business Writing
Have confidence to write more effective business documents whether it be a letter, report or board paper.

Effective Communication
Develop the ability to share your thoughts and views in a positive manner and the frameworks to evolve your level of communication across a diverse group of people.

Engaging Others
Build a greater understanding of people, your greatest asset and your ability to engage effectively with them will determine your success.

Leading From the Front
Increase your Confidence in telling a story and selling a message. Sharing your vision and ideas is a critical path in building your personal brand and developing the skills to lead a conversation will ensure you have the opportunity to contribute.

Time Management
Learn how to improve your workflow while maintaining the agility to meet competing demands. Encouraging self-management will increase productivity, positivity and resilience.

Performance Management

Gain confidence and understanding of the key components in a performance management conversation. This information is valuable at many levels, if you have responsibility for people it supports effective planning and communication, if you do not have direct reports it enables you to have meaningful conversations about your goals, productivity and achievements in your work.

For further information on the value and process of Professional Grading - Accreditation in Leadership or a corporate subscription please contact us.

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