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Workplace Culture Begins at Home

This week our little guy received an award at school for showing aroha and kindness towards his friends particularly during formal learning time. He allows others to go first, he congratulates them on their efforts, even if they get it wrong, and he is encouraging of trying out new creative ways of thinking. His teacher went on to mention that every morning upon welcoming Finn into the class he would ask her how her night/weekend was, which is awesome given the fact that he is only five.

He takes the time to engage and ensure the other person feels valued and he checks-in and lets the other person know that he is interested in them, as his mum I started to reflect on this as they are great qualities of a leader.

If a leader isn’t born a leader can they be raised to be one?

In short, yes, without question they can, so why do we assume workplace culture begins at work and not at home. In our family grace and gratitude come before anything else, they are the leadership qualities of our home. Finn is demonstrating them during his morning welcome, showing grace to his teachers and friends by allowing them to share their stories and experience.

When we sat down to celebrate his recognition I asked him how he felt. His reply threw me a little, he said... “What do you mean how do I feel? The certificate is because I make them feel special.” I might very quickly add to that, that he was highly interested in heading out for an iced-chocolate to celebrate his achievement.

The point is that if a five year old child can develop an EQ, transferring it to his place of work, in this case school, then can’t we too learn how to take care of one another and develop apositive workplace culture from our own homes? If we as parents and caregivers invest in the EQ of our children, nieces, nephews and young people surely workplace culture won’t be a thing we have to develop it will just happen.

Going back to my question, can a leader be raised, you bet they can.

Leaders aren’t people of title; they are people who take the time to care about others.

Leaders aren’t people of age; they are people who take the time to connect.

Leaders are people who stop, engage and genuinely care about the impact they have on those around them.

Tonight when you go home, if your family or flat mates are about, stop and be a leader. Ask them how their day went, what were their highlights and show them a little aroha. Before we know it our workplace culture will simply be an extension of us.


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