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Micro Skills are the Future of Leadership

We have heard for a while now that EQ and IQ play equally vital roles in being not only an effective leader but a great team player. So, if we are born with IQ and can develop a stronger level of EQ, what are the key skills we should be focusing on and how do we develop our EQ?

Micro-skills are the key to increasing our EQ. Here are our top six micro-skills:

  • Self-awareness: Leaders and non-leaders thrive when they have an accurate picture of their strengths and challenges
  • Learning agility: Do you have a readiness, willingness and ability to learn from experience
  • Resiliency: Bouncing back from adversity or seeing a challenge as an opportunity
  • Engaging others: Drawing others in, listening and being externally focused are key to engagement
  • Building and leading effective teams: Often seen as a challenge, building trust, setting strategic direction and breaking through a silo approach are some of the toughest micro skills to develop without education
  • Creating a culture of trust and respect: Culture, the number one reason your people will leave and without EQ you won’t see their unhappiness

As the year end draws in we often see the pressure rising hence people looking for a new role come the New Year. If your organisation would like to continue to thrive and you value the role of your greatest asset…take our challenge and invest in developing EQ. The Double-up deal will allow you to develop two of your team for a minimal investment.

My personal top picks for developing micro-skills are:

Courageous Conversations – 11 November

Essential Skills – 14 - 15 October or 2 & 3 December

Four Quadrant Leadership – 4 & 5 November

Building Client Relationships – 6 December


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