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Maximise your development budget for 2020 and explore our NEW programmes with our Black Friday Sale
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NEW for 2020:
Assertive Behaviour:
  • What is assertive behaviour and why use it in the workplace?
  • Identify assertive behaviour vs. overbearance
  • Understanding your own style and how you can introduce assertiveness
  • Multi-dynamic assertiveness – the relationship between words, tone and body language
  • How to identify appropriate opportunities for assertiveness
  • Formulating the right approach
Creating Collaborative Workplaces:
  • Explore the difference between collaborative workplace environments and dynamics
  • Investigate the relationship between culture and collaborative practice
  • Working in silos - realignment of goals and common objectives
  • Understanding of self and impact on others
  • Putting theory into practice – how do we implement
  • Understand your current work environment and it’s stress points
  • Gain strategies to plan and implement changes for a more collaborative workplace
Cross Generational Leadership:
  • Can we define a generation by their expectations and behaviours?
  • Commonalities between the generations.
  • How to embrace the different qualities that a broad range of generations can bring to the work environment.
  • Creating collaborative relationships through understanding and appreciation.
  • Building awareness of dynamics in the workplaces
  • Cross generational mentoring and it’s benefits
  • Developing a wider perspective and looking beyond the workplace to life paths.
Leading Strategy and Change:
  • Develop techniques and tools to support strategic thinking and action
  • Lead best practice and avoid the pitfalls of strategic planning
  • Develop the confidence to challenge current practices
  • Create a framework to lead your team to successful and resilient change
  • Understand what strategy is and why we use it
  • Understand how to effectively critique strategy to improve
  • Know how you can influence strategy in your workplace
Managing Your Career:
  • Understanding the career lifecycle and your place
  • Attaining a healthy work-life balance and what this looks like for you
  • Strategies to career map and plan for successful succession
  • Understand how to share your career ambition construtively and take others on your journey
  • Have the strategies to decide and define your career path
How to book?

Select your programme from the suite of NEW Leadership Academy Programmes listed above and email Bronagh at

Terms and conditions:
- Applies to new NZIML Leadership Academy programme bookings only
- Applies to NZIML Subscribers only
- All enrolments must be booked on 29 November 2019
- Bookings can be transferred within the 2020 calendar year but no refund will be given for cancellations


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