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When to Select an In-Company Partnership

With almost seventy-five years experience, we advise and provide consultation services to a diverse range of organisations. An In-Company partnership is beneficial to organisations who are about to embark on a new strategic direction, have a desire to build on their success, evolve workplace behaviour, modify company culture and increase communication at all levels of the organisation.

Transformational Focus

We offer a range of tailored In-Co leadership solutions and would recommend you have a strategic conversation to discuss how we can support development of:

  • Team Performance
  • Organisational Culture
  • Leading Change
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Collaboration and Engagement
  • Resilience
  • Executive and Strengths-based Coaching
  • Performance Planning

If you would like to explore a bespoke development solution for your organisation or to gain a 'real-world' understanding of our services from one of our many partners, then please contact:
Therese La Porte, Learning and Development Manager:

Platinum Subscribers
may elect to exchange their allocated SkillBOX training days for a one-day in-company SkillBOX programme.

NZIM Subscriber Benefit - as a NZIM subscriber we offer a discounted rate for In-Company training and development.


Speak to a Leadership expert

Leverage our strong foundation of Science + Research + Evidence + Frameworks to ensure your academic, commercial and leadership development success. Contact us to arrange an individual consultation today.

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