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Managing Your Career

Leadership Academy - New in 2020

Research informs up that we may change career multiple times in our working life. Disruption and changes in technology have demonstrated that some jobs will disappear while new opportunities will open up. To be able to manage these changes effectively it helps to be deliberate, reflective, build on our strengths and have clarity of direction in the workplace. Yet all too often thinking about our career happens in reactive moments such as good and bad days at work, or looking at what jobs and roles are being advertised.

What to expect during the programme

    This workshop will focus on direction and provide valuable tools to anyone who wants to take control of their career direction or support others to do so. You will gain techniques and tools to reflect, analyse, recognise your own strengths and direction, identify pathways, set goals and seek action to take control of your career and move it in the direction that is right for you. This workshop will enable you to develop the skills of becoming your own inner coach and become strategic with your career planning.


    • Adult Development and the work and life cycle, where are you
    • Timing, the Sigmoid curve, career direction, risk and change
    • Reflective tools to recognise strengths, direction and craft your pathway now and in the future
    • Build your unique expertise, take control of your learning whether it is formal, informal learning, utilising your day-to-day experience and opportunities to learn
    • Become strategic, build your external reputation, networking, mentoring and giving back to your field of work
    • Apply techniques to become your own career coach and stay on track


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