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Having the ability to produce well-written and appropriate communication to inform, convince or provoke action of audience to achieve a desired outcome is an essential professional skill. Starting with identifying business objectives, this one-day, focused workshop will take you through a proven process that will result in targeted and highly effective written communication.

What to expect during the programme

This practical workshop will support you to identify the audience, write to their needs, express yourself concisely, clearly, persuasively, remove barriers in written communication and gain confidence. You will workshop through a proven process for composing robust, relevant and, if need be, persuasive copy to meet a variety of business objectives. Direction, confidence and more effective written documents; writing at work has a purpose, that is to move people to action, whether it is a letter, report or board paper.


  • Identifying the different types of written communication and their appropriateness to different situations
  • Understanding your audience and writing to address their needs
  • Tools and techniques for writing persuasive copy to achieve the desired outcome


I really enjoyed this course and feel I got some good takeaways out of it. One of the most enjoyable I have done to date - October 2021

The course material was taught in such a way that I could easily absorb it and relate it to my daily work. May 2021


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