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Introduction to Governance

Leadership Academy

Build confidence and competency in the Senior Leadership to Board relationship.

What to expect

An effective 'Senior Leadership to Board' relationship is essential to the successful direction and performance of an organisation. Understanding the roles, responsibilities and dynamics of this, sometimes complex, relationship gives valuable context to the organisation's strategy, culture and day-to-day operation.

You will explore and understand the role of Governance and the key responsibilities and dynamics in play, regardless of sector, industry or type of organisation.

Understand the responsibilities of your organisation's board, where and why their influence is required, how it manifests and how this determines the direction of an organisation.

You will learn how the transformation from governance directive to operational leadership occurs relying on fulfilment from a team who's informed, empowered and capable.


  • Explore the role of the board within differing organisation frameworks
  • Understand the breadth, depth and application of board responsibilities
  • Understand the wider context and considerations of your organisation's board
  • Dynamics of successful board to management relationship
  • Learn how to move your career path towards a role in governance

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