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Effective Delegation

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Delegating effectively is a core skill for self and people leadership. The benefits of effective delegation become evident in improved organisational effectiveness, developing the skills of your team, reducing stress and ensuring that as a leader you are able to continue to add value to your work environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of effective delegation
  • Explore how effective planning of the delegation process improves our own leadership skills
  • Gain a suite of skills in planning, communication and execution of the delegation process
  • Communicate effectively for empowerment and success in the delegation process
  • Develop individuals and teams talent and capacity to take on more complex tasks

Benefit to your organisation

Delegation is an essential skill for leaders, worked effectively and consistently it enhances organisational effectiveness; it develops the talent and skills of your people; ensures cross-functional understanding of the demands of your workplace and improves the capacity of individuals to take on more complex tasks.

Benefit for your people

Effective delegation reduces stress, enables others to add value to the workplace and builds and improves the leadership skills of those who are doing the delegation. Ineffective delegation puts people in a cycle of repeating work, mistakes and over burdens the leader with tasks that could be done by others. This workshop will support you to delegate effectively first time, and build trust and ownership of tasks with the people in your team.


Would recommend this course to leaders who can feel overwhelmed with their workload and struggle with the whole idea of delegation - October 2019


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