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SkillSHARE Seminar

Learning Conversations

An exclusive NZIML Subscriber event.

Hear from Therese La Porte, Learning & Development Manager, NZIML about sparking Learning Conversations to enable shared discovery, creative insights, breakthrough thinking and ignite behavioural change.

Explore key ideas and practical tools to:

  • Move from ‘Q & A’ transactional conversations to a transformational shared dialogue that builds workplace relationships
  • Maximise pre-briefing and debriefing opportunities to add value for all learning experiences
  • Apply quality conversational techniques to support the retention of learning and trigger behavioural change.

In the workplace people may attend training, but what they choose to put into action will depend on their perceptions of the usefulness of the learning. Leaders who engage and enable learning conversations add value by actively supporting retention, enhancing perceptions of usefulness, encouraging application and sharing in the learning experience.

This session is essential for those who want to use Learning Conversations to unlock the value of learning, improve relationships, and share in team development. These skills contribute to building and sustaining a powerful learning culture in the workplace.

This is a complimentary event exclusive to NZIML Subscribers.


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