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Leadership Psychology

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Leadership Psychology is an innovative cross-disciplinary programme. It integrates the study and practice of positive leadership and organisational systems with the fundamentals of human psychology, to create a 21st century approach to executive leadership.


  • Transformation is essential for growth, for individuals, the organisation and business. How can I be an agent for transformation in myself and others?
  • Flick or stick? How do I identify those performances that no longer serve us well, minimise or change them while retaining the vital and positive performance that will bring us to a new future?
  • How do we bring our 'best self' to work every day, keeping it fresh and invigorating for ourselves and our teams?
  • How do we engage vision, passion, inspiration and drive high performance goals for ourselves and our teams?

Create a Framework for the Future

Apply the tools of this programme to create your own framework in context to:

  • Understand your key drivers and become a positive appreciative leader
  • Refocus on values and balance at work and in your life
  • Enable your team to work with confidence and develop their talent
  • Build a positive and engaged workplace culture

Return for your investment

The impact of the programme will last long after you participate.


Our faculty will deliver best practice in commercial leadership frameworks. They will draw upon personal and professional success and leverage global research to help you develop new skills and capabilities that make an immediate visible difference when you return to your organisation.


I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would love there to be a part two! - September 2020

Tom is excellent and it was a privilege to be a participant. He is so engaging and a really positive teacher! - September 2020


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