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Building Effective Teams

Leadership Academy

ONE IN A SERIES OF THREE. Increase cohesion in your team by leading in a humanistic and holistic manner, broaden your knowledge and core leadership skills. This programme is one in a series of three but can be completed as an individual programme.

What to expect during the programme

Engage in two days of interactive learning to establish your own personal style as a leader and increase your responsiveness towards others. This practical and comprehensive programme is specifically designed to support positive and constructive leaders. You will learn how to observe group behaviours, gain tools and techniques to leverage your communication skills when dealing with conflict, providing effective feedback and supporting the management of different people.


  • Explore the differences between effective groups and teams
  • Identify key features in the development of a cohesive work team over time
  • Discuss best practices for the role of the team leader to ensure a well-functioning team
  • Practice quality communication skills for employee engagement in the task
  • Create alignment between team and work goals
  • Adapt your leadership behaviours to respond to and lead teams effectively.

Discovering if the programme is right for you

Building Effective Teams is for supervisors and team leaders, who wish to empower others, develop cohesive and constructive work teams and enable productive work environments.

Return for your investment

Our Leadership Academy programmes allow participants to leverage their own experience, learn from the experiences of others, focus on results and bring together the needs of their people and commercial improvement. The investment covers tuition and programme materials.


Building Effective Teams is presented by our expert faculty who bring a unique combination of leadership and industry experience and qualifications in adult learning.


Facilitator was fantastic! Really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it so thank you. November 2020

Carolyn is great in what she does. Kept me engaged and the whole experience really helped me in my progress. November 2020

The course material was taught in such a way that I could easily absorb it and relate it to my daily work. May 2021

This programme is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund

This programme is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting


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