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Effective Communication


The effectiveness of your communication skills is fundamental to your success building professional and personal relationships. Having self-awareness, reading your audience and then responding in the appropriate manner is an essential capability of any interactive role at any level in an organisation.

Effective Communication is a highly interactive one-day programme designed to sharpen up verbal and non verbal communication capability, empowering participants with immediately applicable skills, tips and techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to monitor performance and respond to changing circumstances
  • Define behaviours that support or undermine your relationships
  • Develop the skill of mirroring and reflecting
  • Increase your self-awareness and perception of others

Benefits to your people

The ability to share their thoughts and views in a positive manner and understand the frameworks to evolve their level of communication across a diverse group of people.

Benefits to your organisation

Communication is a two-way process, improving communication provides a win-win when we are aware of how we send and receive messages. Team dynamics and culture will only benefit from increased understand and awareness of members.


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