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Resilience in Leadership

Leadership Academy

This one day programme will support you to review your understanding of resilience in the workplace, build on current strengths and develop a toolkit to build resilient work environments.

Currently resilience is a 'hot topic' in leadership, it connects to well-being, health and safety, commercial survival, managing change, and managing crises. We talk about resilient individuals, teams and organisations. Yet many have not thought carefully about what resilience really means in leadership. In this workshop you can expect to work through definitions of resilience in your context, examine the principles of resilience, adaptive resilience and grit; understand the needs of your own organisation and develop a toolkit to support you and your team to demonstrate resilient behaviours and enhance the power of your team and the individuals within it. Leave this course equipped to be a supportive leader capable of leading through changing circumstances effectively, enable your groups to survive and thrive and create new ways forward in a changing world.


  • Explore definitions of resilience, adaptive resilience, and grit in order to identify the definition most suitable to your work context
  • Understand core features needed to support people in practice and to create resilient environments
  • Explore limits and boundaries when focussed on resilience for individuals and organisations
  • Draw on the latest evidence-based research to improve your own practices to enhance resilient workplaces
  • Acquire a practical toolbox and set of skills to support you in developing resilient environments for individuals, teams and organisations
  • Build in workplace habits that will support others to develop resilient workplaces
  • Communicate for support, systems and strategies to build resilience
  • Create supportive learning environments for yourself and others to continue to build resilient practices

Discovering if the programme is right for you

Understanding resilience in the different arenas of well-being, health and safety, being agile, able to change and lead change are important to leaders today. This one day workshop will support you to challenge your current understanding, ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest research and that you turn information into practice to contribute to real and lasting flourishing for individuals, teams and organisations. This is suitable for people in commercial, community and not-for-profit workplaces.

Return on your investment

Invest in this one day practical workshop to ensure that you are ahead of the curve in your understanding of resilience, reinvest back in your workforce by having the skills to create powerful, supportive environments, able to be agile, and get the best from everyone and ensure the ongoing success of your workplace.


The Resilience in Leadership programme is designed by NZIM Southern and presented by our expert faculty who bring a unique combination of leadership, industry experience and qualifications in workplace learning.

This programme is eligible for NZTE Funding.

You may be eligible for up to 50% of your training investment to be funded by NZTE. For more information on the NZTE capability development voucher scheme or to find your local regional business partner please see


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