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Effective Business Writing


In a business world bulging with clutter, the challenge of achieving cut-through to successfully deliver your written message to it's intended audience is vast.
A masterclass in written communication, Effective Business Writing is a one-day highly focused workshop that takes you through a proven process for composing robust, relevant and, if need be, persuasive copy to meet a variety of business objectives.

You will gain

Direction, confidence and more effective written documents; writing at work has a purpose, that is to move people to action, whether it is a letter, report or board paper. This practical workshop will support you to identify the audience, write to their needs, express yourself concisely, clearly, persuasively, remove barriers in written communication and gain confidence.

Your organisation will benefit

Writing in the workplace alternates between long winded, time consuming, formal and overly detailed to minimal text, twitter, and abbreviated communication. Either way it is easy to miscommunicate, takes time to write or to correct and does not represent your organisation or your case effectively. Putting constructive business writing skills into action will save time, increase effectiveness and enhance your organisation's reputation. All of these factors improve your chances of success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify your purpose for writing
  • Explore your audience, their needs, written language, style and adjust to their needs
  • Ensure essential information is easy to locate
  • Use language that is concise, active, direct and positive
  • Produce written documents that are persuasive and logical

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