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Performance Management


SkillBOX programmes are delivered exclusively for NZIML Subscribers. There are six, one day face-to-face training programmes that provide you with core technical skills.

You will gain

Gain confidence and understanding of the key components in a performance management conversation. This information is valuable at many levels, if you have responsibility for people it supports effective planning and communication, if you do not have direct reports it enables you to have meaningful conversations about your goals, productivity and achievements in your work.

Your Organisation will Benefit

Understanding effective performance management conversations improves performance for the individual, the team and the organisation. This programme is valuable at all levels of the organisation, high quality performance conversations to strengthen relationships, build accountability and keeps talent in the business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the key components of good performance management including identifying constructive behaviours, setting objectives, and developing a plan
  • Understand the factors that can get in the way of good performance management
  • Communicate clear performance expectations
  • Give encouraging and corrective feedback that is specific and behavioural
  • Hold effective performance management conversations

Speak to a Leadership expert

Leverage our strong foundation of Science + Research + Evidence + Frameworks to ensure your academic, commercial and leadership development success. Contact us to arrange an individual consultation today.

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