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Accounting for Non Accountants Stage 2 - NEW IN 2019

Leadership Academy

This technical programme allows you to expand, explore and understand accounting knowledge in plain language.

What to expect during the programme

Develop your ability to view the business as a whole, establish risk and solution paths with greater financial clarity. Talk the same language as your company accountant and build alignment between your commercial goals and the financial agility of your organisation.


  • Consolidate knowledge gained in Accounting for Non Accountants 1
  • Relate and explain terms, definitions and benefits of management accounting
  • Conduct a simple cost volume profit analysis, incremental analysis and cost allocation
  • Work with core ratios related to simple scenarios
  • Relate management information needs and the key performance indicators of an effective system
  • Prepare a sales budget and forecast
  • Structure a business plan

Discovering if the programme is right for you

Proprietors, Managers and anyone who has completed Stage 1 and would like to build financial capability and understanding.

Return for your investment

This programme allows participants to seek practical answers to questions relevant to their work environment and provides technical skills to increase their capability in completing their job.


Our faculty are Chartered Accountants and are members of CAANZ. They are qualified in their field and in adult education providing an enriched learning experience in this technical programme.

This programme is eligible for NZTE Funding.

You may be eligible for up to 50% of your training investment to be funded by NZTE. For more information on the NZTE capability development voucher scheme or to find your local regional business partner please see


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