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Honest Persuasion

A Masterclass in Sales

An exclusive NZIML Member and Corporate Subscriber event.


Join us for a two hour interactive workshop designed to support those in your team who are external facing and carry the day-to-day load of making a sale.

Discover the value in keeping it real, being relatable and knowing what relevant looks like in your business environment. The first few minutes in every new approach matter, we all know that, but what happens next…?

If you are committed to building professional relationships, thriving in a customer facing role and would benefit from increasing your sales knowledge, join us for this SkillSHARE session.

Registration is complimentary for members and Corporate Subscribers of NZIML, however places are limited.

We look forward to welcoming you to this great learning and networking event.


Speak to a Leadership expert

Leverage our strong foundation of Science + Research + Evidence + Frameworks to ensure your academic, commercial and leadership development success. Contact us to arrange an individual consultation today.

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