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Four Quadrant Leadership Stage 2 New in 2019

Leadership Academy

Four Quadrant Leadership Stage Two builds on your learnings from Stage One and increases your ability to understand what defines cohesion in a team and how your responsiveness can have a positive influence on human behaviour.

What to expect during the programme

Review core principles and practices of the Four Quadrant programme including Job Efficiency levels, transforming "Agape" into action, the Empathy Triangle and applications in your current practice.

Explore the five determinants of performance, and apply this to understanding, strengthening and leading colleagues, groups and teams.

Change behaviour to change minds', apply conversational tools which bring together heart and mind and in so doing enable people to build more effective habits in the workplace.

Integrate Four Quadrant principles with the latest evidence-based leadership practices to be the leader who can inspire and encourage each person to bring their 'best-self' to work each day.

Applied Outcomes

Update your skills and experience of the Four Quadrant model to become a more effective and engaged leader, acting with clarity, insight and empathy.

Engage in a robust and well tested approach to support behavioural change in the workplace in ways that fit a strong values framework and apply the latest evidence-based global and local research.

Take a more nuanced view of stress, well-being and diversity in the workplace and learn ways to support individuals and teams to survive and thrive in the work environment.

Designed For

Leaders who have attended Four Quadrant Stage 1 at any time in their past; this advanced workshop will hold true to the fundamentals of Four Quadrant Leadership, encourage reflection on leadership practices and provide new tools and a depth of practice to encourage the transformation of leadership practices which are fit-for-purpose for the workplace of today and the future.

This programme is eligible for NZTE Funding.

You may be eligible for up to 50% of your training investment to be funded by NZTE. For more information on the NZTE capability development voucher scheme or to find your local regional business partner please see


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