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Emerging Leaders

As an Emerging Leader you will have had a personal experience of the power and new knowledge and this is your opportunity to take the next steps in your leadership journey with the full Emerging Leaders cohort.

Are you an Emerging Leader Graduate?

This one day programme has been designed to expand your thinking, leverage your professional experience and allow time for you to connect with your peers. Every Emerging Leader has a story to tell, sharing challenges and successes and by drawing the full cohort together we are about to amplify your experience.

Programme Outline:

  • Review the highlights from the Emerging Leader programme
  • Critical thinking, what is it and how is it different to creative thinking
  • Managing up, how can I demonstrate the skills and capability I have beyond my current role
  • The art of storytelling in a presentation and getting a message out
  • Guest speakers sharing their stories of career growth and business success


The programme will be delivered by Therese La Porte, Learning and Development Manager NZIML and Debra Buckley, CEO NZIML. They will be joined by guest speakers throughout the day.

To participate in this programme you must have completed the full Emerging Leaders programme through People Leaders and NZIML. For more information on the full programme


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