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Managerial Governance

Effective management of the Senior Leader to Board relationship is often more challenging than the day-to-day focus required to lead a team and this two day Managerial Governance programme provides the opportunity to critique and review your Board relationship.

The directives of a board paper, decision making, influence and strategy are key considerations for every business leader and getting them right has a significant and direct impact on your success. Managerial Governance is a custom built programme for leaders who report directly to a Board and who are driven to identify opportunities and deliver change

What to expect during the programme

Managerial Governance is a highly interactive and pragmatic programme blending technical knowledge with participant specific case studies and a strong focus on leader to Board engagement. The ability to present and deliver information to your Board is only part of the challenge. Through this programme you will explore the dynamics and execution required to build a robust and productive partnership with your Board.

A participant on Managerial Governance would usually report to a Board in some form, prepare information for a board or be preparing for a role where this would be a requirement.

By the end of Managerial Governance you should have a clear understanding of:

  • How you can better interact with your Board
  • How to provide good information to your Board
  • How management and Board are a Governance Team


  • Develop your ability to identify a challenge and respond to it within the role of reporting to a Board
  • Lead with a broader perspective on culture and ethics and your role within the leadership team
  • Gain an understanding of the Board compositions and protocols within your organisation and the difference between responsibility and accountability as well the management/governance divide
  • See the commercial world through research, applied learning and case-studies on management/Board relationships
  • Discover more about the your legal obligations
  • How to carry out your responsibilities as a leadership team and learn to provide feedback on the overall strategic plan
  • Board preparation for unexpected events, identification and limitation of risks and responsibility of notifications
  • Understand some of the decision making challenges
  • Create effective business cases

  • Return on Investment

    You will approach the programmes with a clear and personal objective, often based on a current situation or environment. Our role is to assess it and support you to take a learning journey that goes far beyond where you are today.

    Your fee covers tuition, materials, programme catering and activities. No payment is required until you have been accepted onto the programme.


    Nick Dangerfield FCA, CMA, MinstD, BCom

    Nick Dangerfield is an expert in Board and Director development with over 25 years experience in senior leadership, governance and directorships. His area of expertise includes finance, risk and operations across multiple sectors and industries. Nick is a governance specialist who runs is own practice as well as being a joint director/owner of Boardroom 360, a leading Governance consultancy practice. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

    This programme is delivered through our executive education division,

    The programme is one of three in the Business Series which includes, Strategy and Strategic Dialouge.


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