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People Leaders Business Series

Strategic Dialogue

The ability to effectively engage Stakeholders has always been an essential capability of business owners and leaders across the globe. The challenge is how to develop this powerful competency long before you require it in order to readily apply it through your business. The Strategic Dialogue programme is for those who are responsible for making the decisions, owning negotiations and developing long-term sustainable commercial partnerships where success is driven by achievement.

What to expect during the programme

During this highly interactive programme you will explore the formal stages of negotiation, become aware of and learn to capitalise on your strengths, while leveraging the perspectives of those around you. The programme will challenge you to expand your ability to think creatively and discover the underlying dynamics of business interactions.


Identifying your own negotiation style is the first step in defining your ability to negotiate .

Upon completion of the programme you will have developed the capabilities to:

  • Define your leading style in a commercial conversation
  • Attain a comprehensive understanding of power and tactics
  • Apply principles of influence in the right context
  • Frame your persuasion power without dominating
  • Draw others in, regardless of the environment
  • Develop a confident structure for determining when to walk away
  • Engage in dispute resolution and maintaining your position
  • Evaluate a diverse perspective and preference for influence

Return on Investment

The key principles delivered through the programme will provide you with the opportunity to identify your own negotiation style, identify the interests and method of others, and build confidence in your ability to respond effectively to drive a positive outcome. Navigating commercial relationships is both an art and a science and gaining fundamental capabilities in this arena provide advantage across and beyond your business life.


Debra Buckley
CEO | New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership

Debra Buckley is the CEO of the New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership. She has a wealth of commercial experience gained in education, retail and manufacturing through her roles both as CEO and Director. Having worked for luxury across the globe, Debra is passionate about strategy, people sharing their knowledge and developing the next generation of great leaders .

Debra is currently the Board Chair for the very success Natural Pet food Group.

This programme is delivered through our executive education division,

The programme is one of three in the Business Series which includes, Strategy and Managerial Governance.


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