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Creating Collaborative Workplaces

Leadership Academy - New in 2020

Collaboration is essential in today's workplace and will be in greater demand where workplaces require innovation and new ways of working. Many leaders apply the skills of building teams, but effective collaboration is not exactly the same as teamwork, as people may work on multiple sites, work flexible hours or work as a team for short projects. This means that leaders need to learn skills to model and manage behaviours for successful collaborative work.

    What to expect during the programme

    In this workshop we will explore different facets of collaboration and develop the vision of what collaborative success looks like in the context of your workplace. Leaders and managers will articulate the skills and behaviours needed to build a positive, constructive and sustainable collaborative working environment. Leaders will develop role agility and be able to move between leading from the front, knowing when to remove obstacles to collaboration, when to facilitate, and when to be an active, supportive follower. In this workshop leaders will learn role flexibility while retaining credibility.


    • Define what working collaboratively really means in the context of your workplace
    • Explore the continuum of collaborative work, from working together occasionally to immersion in full team projects
    • Understand how to blend differing levels of operational expertise with interpersonal relationships to get the best from everyone
    • Recognise that workplace culture, values and environment are only part of building a collaborative workplace
    • Build learnable skills and techniques in people management to strengthen collaboration at work
    • Manage the collaborative work life cycle and inducting new staff members into a collaborative environment
    • Leader as role model and facilitator of a collaborative working environment

    This programme is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund

    This programme is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting


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