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Cross Generational Leadership

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We are increasingly working in an age-diverse workforce. Concepts about age, retirement and the place of work in our lives is changing; at the same time our focus on fitness and good health means that people are able to remain in the workplace for longer. As a result, we have up to five generations working alongside each other in the workplace. This brings the challenges of differing expectations about the role of leadership, progression in the workplace, interpersonal communication and the uptake of technology and automation in the workplace.

    What to expect during the programme

    This workshop draws on a strong evidence base to explore whether generational differences really exist, and what factors may have shaped behaviours and approaches to work across different age ranges. We will avoid stereotypes and explore the differences and commonalities in the multi-generational workforce. Our focus is to build talent across all ages in the workplace and to build a toolbox for leaders to develop high performance and leverage strengths across all people.


    • Recognise the forces that have shaped different generations for a deeper understanding of the perspectives of each generational cohort
    • Distinguish the strengths, traits and possible preferred communication patterns of each generation
    • Highlight the value of each generational cohort and seek ways to build on these strengths
    • Seek commonalities and core principles that unite the generations and leverage these commonalities
    • Identify effective workplace practices to maximise working relationships and support high performance across and between the different generations in the workplace
    • Apply these techniques to your workplace context and plan for the future in a multi-generational workplace


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