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Assertive Behaviour

Leadership Academy - New in 2020

Assertiveness is being able to express in a direct, calm, honest, positive way and remaining solutions focussed at all times. Assertiveness enables us to stay in the moment and think on our feet. It is more than self-confidence or improving our self-image, it is a learned skill and set of behaviours. Improving our assertiveness also improves our understanding of others and the position they may take. We save time and energy by managing the behaviour and communication early and not sitting on the problem for longer than we need to.

What to expect during the programme

    This workshop provides tools and techniques to build our own assertiveness in ways that are contextual and operate with equality and respect for others. We will explore our own understanding and personal performance of assertiveness in context, gain tools to move from unproductive behaviours to a solutions focussed environment and explore the impact of language and behaviour in being assertive in different circumstances.


    • Definitions of assertiveness and the implications of these definitions on behaviour
    • Distinguish between passive, aggressive, and assertive behaviours and communication
    • Understand the impact of emotion, stress and anxiety on behaviour and communication
    • Increase self-awareness, explore blind spots and build our capacity to think on our feet
    • Explore patterned behaviours, including the Unproductive Triangle and apply techniques to change patterned behaviour
    • Identify the impact of language and scripts to be assertive in different situations
    • Tools and techniques to remain in the moment and use the opportunity to be assertive
    • Support healthy assertiveness in others by developing a feedback rich environment

    This programme is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund

    This programme is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Find. Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz


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