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Three pillars of development:


One-day workshops exclusive to NZIM subscribers, SkillBOX are delivered in five centres across New Zealand.
Core skills and techniques for effective communication, engagement and interaction.
SkillBOX programmes:
Managing Conflict - Cultivating Collaboration - Effective Communication - Engaging Others - Assertive Behaviour & Communication - Leading from the Front - Performance Management - Leading Different Generations in the Workplace

Leadership Academy

Fundamental leadership capability in People Performance, Technical Leadership Performance, Personal Capability and Senior Leadership Performance.
Suitable for all team leaders including those experienced technical professionals with recent team leadership responsibilities.
Available to NZIM subscribers at a discounted rate, these one and two-day market-leading programmes are delivered in Christchurch at Leadership House.

Emerging Leaders

A challenging professional development pathway for ambitious young leaders wishing to rapidly extend their knowledge and capability, and accelerate their career progression.
Consisting of three intensive 2-day modules, this programme has supported the next generation of NZ leaders to understand their own behaviour, how to more effectively lead others and how to influence and contribute at a Strategic level.

For details on all our NZIM development programmes view and download our 2022 Leadership Education Directory.

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Advance your knowledge and deliver results by developing fundamental leadership skills.

One day face-to-face professional development; highly pragmatic and designed to instantly address communication challenges and capability gaps.

Researched and designed to extend business acumen, challenge strategic thinking, and enhance senior leadership capability.

A professional development pathway for young and ambitious leaders wanting to accelerate their progression through personal and professional growth.

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