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Where will a partnership with NZIML take you?


With our 2021 calendar of professional development opportunities now confirmed, it is the perfect time to start planning and populating your Learning and Development pathway for the year ahead.

Positive, progressive leadership is more important now than ever. Clarifying your purpose as an organisation, supporting your stakeholders and bolstering emotional and organisational resilience through clarity and empowerment are three fundamental strategies to thrive not just survive.

The team at NZIML are ready to support your vision for the future, delivering excellence in leadership development, communication and engagement, throughout New Zealand for over 70 years.

Take a positive step towards enhanced individual capability and optimised organisational performance, with NZIML.

Explore our programmes.

Explore online learning.


Hear from NZIML CEO Debra Buckley as she explains the effectiveness of developing leadership capability through NZIML Corporate Subscription.


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