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SkillSHARE Seminar

Creating & Sustaining a Learning Culture

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Learning is essential for change, transformation and growth. Building a learning culture is a way of future-proofing the development of your organisation. You know you have a positive learning culture when your employees continuously seek, share and apply new knowledge and skills to improve their individual and collective performance.

We know that organisations with a positive and thriving learning culture are more successful, have greater staff retention and willingly develop the talent of their people. All of which ensures faster decision making, ownership of the work and shared accountability. There is a danger of thinking that developing a learning culture is an activity reserved for large organisations with a team of HR or L&D Specialists. But that is not the case, all organisations large and small can create and sustain a vibrant learning culture. You just need to know what to look for, how to nurture what is already present and small interventions to develop and sustain the process.

Join us to explore key ideas and practical tips to support you to get the most from your people, their learning opportunities and maximise your investment in learning.


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