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Four Quadrant Leadership

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Four Quadrant Leadership remains as powerful today it as did twenty years ago. Its fundamental purpose is to increase the understanding of human behaviour and provide managers and leaders with the skills to become more successful.

Why does Four Quadrant Leadership remain so relevant?

Four Quadrant Leadership is built on the principles of human nature. To understand 'leadership' we must first understand ourselves and those with whom we work and live.

The great debate is whether your uniqueness is environmental or genetic.

Through the Four Quadrant Leadership programme you are provided with the opportunity to reflect on what makes you the unique person you are, your attitudes, interpretations, understandings, abilities and personality.

Four Quadrant Leadership is as powerful today as it was twenty years ago because the difference between the impossible and the possible lies solely in a person's determination to excel and when you understand yourself, your ability to 'achieve' is that much greater.

What to expect during the programme

This programme focuses on the personality and practices of the leader, provides tools to seek constructive and positive results, values empathic relationships, clear communication and determination to make better choices. Four Quadrant Leadership provides participants with the skills to implement a framework which can be made explicit and shared with the team to increase understanding and capability.


  • Appreciate the values of people in your team and how to draw out the best in others
  • Identify levels and steps for delegation and responsibility in the workplace
  • Share decision-making wisely, learn to act with empathy and understand the views of others
  • Confidently delegate and communicate appropriate expectations and requirements with confidence
  • Diagnose poor performance in the workplace and provide an appropriate remedy that produces a positive result for all parties
  • Develop a level of self-awareness and understanding of human behaviour based on science

Discovering if the programme is right for you

This programme will benefit all leaders and managers who would like to be more effective in the way they interpret and respond in a number of leadership situations.

Return for your investment

Engage in interactive learning and discover how to apply four different leadership strategies that will increase the sense of ownership enjoyed by members of your team and create the power and determination to make better choices every day.


Four Quadrant Leadership is presented by accredited facilitators. Wilf Jarvis, world renowned behavioural scientist and originator of the Four Quadrant Leadership programme has mentored and personally accredited all facilitators.

This programme is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund

This programme is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting


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