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People Leaders Business Series

Strategy with Melissa Clark-Reynolds ONZM

Boards and Executives are charged with determining the future focused, big-picture strategy for an organisation. The true value of this directive is not in the theoretical paper-based strategy but in the effectiveness of the delivery - the implementation and execution. Often we end up with diluted Business Plans and to-do lists rather than robust organisation strategies (i.e. focus on tactics).

What to expect during the programme

Strategy will be a highly interactive combination of workshopping on learning. There will be some pre-work, which will help with focusing on how to embed foresight into your Leadership Practice.

You will also receive a suggested reading and resource list should you wish to further your strategy journey following the workshop.

By the end of Strategy you will have a clear understanding of:

  • What is Strategy
  • Why Strategy fails
  • How to use Strategy daily
  • How to handle emergent strategies and business as usual
  • How to communicate Strategy
  • When a Strategy is no longer working

Melissa has developed an effective "Strategy on a Page" tool that you will be able to download, take away and customise for your organisation.


  • Why have a Strategy?
  • What type of Strategy will work for us?
  • Preparing for Strategy - Foresight and Insight
  • The difference between Purpose and Role
  • The Programme Logic of your Strategy
  • Communicating the Strategy
  • Effectively Executing Strategy
  • What approach to Innovation is best for us - Sustaining or Disruptive?
  • Aligning People, Culture, Processes and Strategy
  • Monitoring the Strategy
  • When is it time to change our Strategy?
  • Innovation verse current business demands

  • Return on Investment

    You will approach the programmes with a clear and personal objective, often based on a current situation or environment. Our role is to assess it and support you to take a learning journey that goes far beyond where you are today.

    Your fee covers tuition, materials, programme catering and activities


    Melissa Clark-Reynolds ONZM, Entrepreneur and Professional Company Director

    Melissa Clark Reynolds ONZM, ChMInstD became a Foresight Practitioner and Professional Director after 25 years experience as a technology entrepreneur and CEO of a number of Technology companies. She is a Governor of Radio NZ, and sits on the Boards, Jasmax, and Beef and Lamb NZ Ltd. Melissa was previously a Member of MPI's Primary Growth Partnership Investment Advisory Panel and Chairs the LINZ Risk & Audit Committee. In 2016 she attended the Te Hono Bootcamp at Stanford University; trained as a Foresight Practitioner with The Institute for the Future in Palo Alto and trained with Clayton Christiansen in his approach to Disruptive Innovation through Harvard. In 2018 she trained with Sohail Inayutullah in his CLA and Foresight Methodologies. works with companies like AssureQuality, Kotahi, Wakatu, the NZ Screen Sector and Lincoln University on Strategy and Foresight. Melissa has a particular interest in Platform and Subscription Business Models. She developed and teaches a course for the Institute of Directors on Disruptive Business Models.

    This programme is delivered through our executive education division,

    The programme is one of three in the Business Series which includes, Strategic Dialouge and Managerial Governance.


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